Heaviest Pepper

Guinness World Record for Curry Farms !


On November 6th, 2009 the prestigious Guinness World Records Ltd organization awarded Ed Curry, of Curry Farms, a Certificate specifying "The heaviest pepper is 0.29 kg (.063 lb), grown by Edward Curry (USA) at Curry Farms in Pearce, Arizona, United States, and measured on 6 November 2009."


The photo to the right shows this amazing pepper at approximately 10" in length. It is a new variety developed by Curry Seed and Chile Co. in 2009.


Heaviest Pepper in the World

Ed Curry
Ed Curry, President of Curry Seed and Chile Co. of Pearce, AZ, welcomes you to our website where you will find a lot of information about us and our peppers. Primarily, that we are the foremost producer of seed to the chile industry.
To your left enjoy a slide show of some of our beautiful chile pepper plants. The colors are as magnificent as they taste. Then browse the rest of our website and feel free to contact us if we can help you with your chile pepper needs. Our advanced genetics program allows us to provide a superior product.


The Place to Shop for Quality Chile Seed
The Curry Seed & Chile Company, which was founded 33 years ago by native Arizonan Edward Curry, is a 1,200 acre farm operation nestled among the fields of the Sulphur Springs Valley in the small town of Pearce in southeastern Arizona.

Ed’s love for chiles began at a very early age when his parents planted their first chile crop in 1957. He essentially grew up in the chile fields. His passion for chiles continued to grow into what eventually became a lifelong interest in chile genetics. For 25+ years, he worked closely with his partner, Phil Villa, a well-known chile breeder, in developing new and improved hybrids that can be produced with uniform quality, flavor and heat.  Careful plant breeding also resulted in improving certain strains of chiles that are now producing nearly double their average yield.  The seed from these hybrid chiles come with pedigrees and with care and feeding guidelines to ensure that growers using Curry’s seeds earn the best yield possible.

Ed Curry continues to work extensively in chile genetics. In the farming industry, it is said that the genetic origins for 80 – 90 percent of the chiles grown commercially in the U.S. can be traced back to Curry’s farm in Arizona.  The Curry Seed & Chile Company supplies chile seed to growers in the Southwestern U.S. and in several states in Mexico.

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The Curry Seed & Chile Company’s seed are of exceptional quality. We proudly offer a fine selection of seed from a wide range of red and green chile varieties with their unique flavors in three heat levels – HOT, MEDIUM and MILD.


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